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Dismantling the Simulation

After a year of Venezuelan student protests, guarimbas, and blackouts, our movement The goal is to dismantle the simulation  also had a year of remixing, memeing creating visual content, confronting and debating political and cultural crisis in Venezuela. Join us for a very special event, online exhibition, and panel discussion #DismantlingTheSimulation, simultaneously occuring in #nyc #ccs #paris. Three cities one goal!

Dismantling the simulation is born, as an experimental 2.0 platform. It appropriates the already existing social platform and subverts in order to deconstruct visual production, assuming a critical posture confronting the institutionalized media content. Its production operates horizontally, with no controls nor hierarchies. In short, it is a collective rebel action that seeks to question and dismantle the discourses and the information distribution schemes operating in Venezuela.


Online exhibition: Dismantling the Simulation


Helena Acosta
Miyö Van Stenis
Violette Bule

Gala Garrido, Photographer
Nicolas Gerardi, Curator
Jesus Torrivilla, Journalist
Elizabeth Marin, Art Historian
Daniel Esparza, Philosopher
Rafael De Armas, Political Scientist

Deborah Castillo
Augusto Gerardi
Andrea Ludovic
Jimmy Flamante
Ciudadana Cero
Maggy Almao
Antoine Marroncles

Caracas: Organización Nelson Garrido
New York: Wendy’s Subway
Paris: Van Stenis Studio

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