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In 2013 Helena Acosta is invited by Jaime Mendoza to create the first venezuelan digital art collection for EspacioMAD .

Curatorial Text
In the last decade the internet has become a testing ground for the arts, taking shape in the creative space of the connected multitude. The social assimilation of the Web and its growth in participatory possibilities has led to new circuits of value and meaning that predominantly autonomy for the creation and consumption of the work. New artists work in the virtuality and immateriality field of creation, consolidating all Internet as a dynamic source of exchanges and collaborative research and direct communication with the public. This collection of electronic Venezuelan art comes together in one space a sample of work in a post-internet generation of artists that are producing new imagery, new discourses within the field of contemporary digital art. Helena Acosta

Alan Schaffer

Augusto Gerardi

Katherine Sultan

Maggy Almao

Meche Rodriguez

Miyö Van Stenis

Pedro Sanoja

Yolanda Duarte