From the lleca to the Cohue: Tokyo

“Nobody really knows a nation until he has been inside its prisons”.

 Nelson Mandela.

From the Lleca to the Cohue is the result of a project of photographic education program inside of the prisons in Venezuela made by the artist Violette Bule . The proposal is to use photography as a means of creative release and social reintegration.  This project was curated by Helena Acosta and exhibit in Japan at the Contemporary Art Center Tokyo Wonder Site  in December of 2012. 35_7038285064424760561611490265230o 424928_10151558356444325_2126943955_n 35_dsc6064_v3

Violette Bule has been developing this project since 2010 visiting six prisons in the country. The artist’s goal is to use photography as an instrument at the service of processes of humanization within the Venezuelan penitentiary system. Her proposal is to insert photo studios to enhance the quality of life of the “deprived of their liberty”. This practice is a way of self-expression release, social transformation and labor insertion. The participatory and pluralistic character of the project stimulates the observation and investigation of behaviors of those inmates facing the photographic fact. Photography, in this context, becomes an element for visual communication and expression of the symbolic reality of subjects.

Lleca: the word “calle” inverted syllables (Street), Cohue: the word “hueco” inverted syllables (hole)

Brief documental piece about the project