Hack De Patria H.D.P Refrakt app

This weekend Dec. 6th will held in Venezuela one of the most important elections to change the future of that nation. The people that believe in change and is tired of the Chavez era is fighting against the most corrupt and dangerous political party (PSUV) that Venezuela ever had. La Meta es Desmontar La Simulación with the collaboration of Refrakt create an app that show what we all think about the Venezuelan reality.

 La Meta es Desmontar La Simulación  (Dismantling The Simulation) + Refrakt presents HACK DE PATRIA (HDP) app. The factual power of propaganda resides in its capacity to manipulate the individual through symbols that condition him ideologically, mobilizing him in a certain direction. Hack De Patria (HDP) is a mobile application developed by Refrakt and Dismantling the Simulation collective that allows us to see the underlying message behind political propaganda in Venezuela. It is a critic from the arts that is articulated using augmented reality technology and whose objective is the use of ideology and propaganda by Chavismo. Download

HDP intervenes two logos to reveal a hidden message. The first is the image of Chavez’s eyes, a symbol overused by the government after his death. Hugo Chavez’s eyes are spread around Venezuela – they are the omnipresence in his absence – and can be seen on giant billboards, the facade of public buildings, graffiti murals, t-shirts, hats, jewelry and even school books. The second one is the controversial MIN Unidad political party logo, whose name and graphic composition is almost identical to the one used by the opposition party. Its slogan says, “We are the opposition”, however, their candidates are Chavistas.


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HDP Nota de Prensa (English)