Helena Acosta

Sacred Machine

Sacred Machine: The Barcelona Wrong Biennale AFK Embassy

Sacred Machine is a group exhibition. It’s both a physical representation of The Wrong  biennale’s online pavillion Olia’s chapel (SACRED) and a sample selected by means of exhaustive online combing of the biennale line-up (MACHINE)

SACRED (curated by Helena Acosta):

Olia Lialina Dragan Espenschied Tobias Leingruber Manuel Carvalho

Akihiko Taniguchi Laura Hyunjhee Kim Nick Briz Addie Wagenknecht

Parker Ito Ilya Andreyev, Maria Gelman, Anton Platonov

-MACHINE (curated by Manuel Carvalho):

LAturbo Avedon MAryann Norman Sabrina Ratté Aiden Morse Tom hancocks

Brandon Blommaert Brenna E. Murphy Peter Burr

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