spamm of virtualism

SPAMM of Virtualism

Created in 2011 Super Modern Art Museum (SPAMM)  emerges as a viewing and collection platform of global artistic linked to new technologies such as the new media art, video art, net. art, game art. Created by artists for artists, the site lists 200 works of digital art like a real museum with artists such as Evan Roth, Aram Bartholl , Jodi , Raphael Rozendall or Antony Antonellis. Like a real museum the « Super Art Modern Museum » have his permanent collection.

SPAMM OF VIRTUALISM “The connected exhibition”

Curated by Helena Acosta, Jean Guillaume Le Roux & Systaime



SPAMM of Virtualism “, Net Art exhibition offers to connect with a webcam interactive scenography these great capitals, Moscow, Paris and New York, around a digital creation on the Internet and the artistic movement of virtualism. As Art is a source of communication, Art is a communication in itself, this exhibition is a symbol of unity around the sharing tool which is the Internet 2.0
[ D I S P O S I T I F ]

« The virtualism is an artistic movement that defines art forms designed with the help of digital tools. It interprets the notions of gestures and materials in the field of digital: the virtualist work is based on a creative act in power, reflected by the interfaces that reduce the action to simple actions, automated by peripheral tools. »
Encyclopedia, « 100 notions of digital art »Editions de l’immateriel

The raw material of digital creations being virtual, the acted gesture of creation redefines the creative act in power. Indeed, what is virtual is inherently powerful and the creative gesture in this case has no tangible impact on the material being worked. The gesture in power is what is observable in the digital, the acted gesture on the interface. The virtualism is a reconsideration of the creative act and its plastic relationship to the material.


Babycastles Gallery, New York
EKLUZ, Paris
Electromuseum, Moscow



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