SPAMM@Webtics New York

Created in 2011 Super Modern Art Museum (SPAMM)  emerges as a viewing and collection platform of global artistic linked to new technologies such as the new media art, video art, net. art, game art. Created by artists for artists, the site lists 200 works of digital art like a real museum with artists such as Evan Roth, Aram Bartholl , Jodi , Raphael Rozendall or Antony Antonellis. Like a real museum the « Super Art Modern Museum » have his permanent collection.

Does the Internet destined to upset traditional political power?

Over the last three decades, the proliferation and convergence of networked media information and technologies have helped generate a new genres and modes of communication redefining people’s engagement with media

Media audiences and consumers are also media users and participants, immersed in a complex language’s landscape. This continuing changing context has created unprecedented opportunities. for expression and interaction, especially among artists. The web is a free and powerful tool for challenging popular culture, politics discourses and realities manipulated by the official media. Digital artist are more than ever developing their own information sources, talk back and confront dominant media culture, politics and power.

In a moment of communicative immediacy and distortion of information, the artist makes new uses of the web in order to remove the prevalence of a single speech, showing other ways of seeing and operate.  32 visual approximations  to the global issue of Web, Art and Politics would be leading this SPAMM edition.

Curators: Systaime aka Michaël Borras (France)Helena Acosta (Venezuela)Alan Schaffer (New York)


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