The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale

The Wrong  online biennale exhibition of digital art. First edition featured 30 online pavilions leaded by 30 curators/artists/. More than 500 artists were featured online during 3 months at from November 1st 2013 until January 31st, 2014.

Online curatorial propose for first edition of The Wrong

Beyond Folklore, Olia’s Chapel

What is the folklore in the digital age? How do we relate with this codes of language? Is there a native expression that makes up the universe of online culture? The artist and researcher Olia Lialina is considered as the mother of all theoretical structures related to these questions. This is her Chapel, formed by a select group of artists who developed an argued discourse about the study of the forms and the content, of what we might call the new online amateur culture, here is a statement that frames it: they are artists who go Beyond Folklore, they are The Olia´s Chapel.

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